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Sports Performance

As athletes, we all crave that ‘sweet spot’ – the place where everything feels effortless and painless. It’s what makes us love sport and what the therapists at Peak Performance want to help you regain with our Sports Performance sessions.

Many factors can make it difficult for you to find your ‘sweet spot’. Poor technique, malalignment and muscle imbalance are often at the root of injuries. Because so many of our sports are repetitive in nature, small errors in technique, alignment or muscle balance can compound to create nagging problems. Athletes often develop unconscious compensatory strategies to allow them to continue their sport despite unresolved minor injuries. These compensatory strategies may be creating pain, compromising efficiency or limiting power or endurance. Overcoming these issues and rediscovering your ‘sweet spot’ is often a matter of restoring optimal posture and movement patterns.

Our Sports Performance sessions are focused on helping you achieve optimal sport performance. We combine our numerous physiotherapy assessment and treatment tools to address the many facets that may be impacting your athletic performance. Services may include:

  • In-clinic sessions to restore optimal flexibility, control, muscle balance and core stabilizer activation.
  • Sport-specific biomechanical assessments (e.g. biking analysis).
  • Advice on Strength and Conditioning.
  • Preseason Sports Screenings – an individualized program developed for you based on your patterns of weakness, tightness or poor control. This is valuable for athletes looking to correct their “technique challenges”, improve their performance or reduce their risk of injury.
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