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Sports Injuries

Sports injury is an odd concept in a way because it really means an injury that is sustained whilst playing sport. Mechanically a sprained ankle walking the dog is the same as a sprained ankle playing rugby. However it is fair to say that the level of rehab required is different. The demands on the control, strength and flexibility of a rugby playing ankle is much more than the dog walking one. The concept therefore of a Sports Injury is in the appreciation of the goals of the rehabilitation. A treatment plan looks to maximise healing and also prevention of recurring injury through a specific rehabilitation program.

Here at Peak Performance Physio sports injuries are some of the most common complaints that we see. It’s not just top athletes that use Physiotherapists to get them back to fitness, sports people of all abilities and ages also come in to get back to fitness.  Most sports are repetitive and require the athlete to train many hours each week, this can lead to injury. Sports people have long known about the benefits of physiotherapy not only to recover from injury, but to also maintain and improve performance.

Physiotherapists look to optimise the neuro musculo-skeletal system to reduce the risk of injury, but also improve performance. Every athlete knows that an injury can drastically impact confidence and the ability to train.  

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Having been involved in high level sport for over 10 years and participated in Sport with various level of success we know what it feels like to be on the ‘pointy’ end of injury and rehab. We have been involved with Professional cricket for 10 years, but also winter sports and multi-sports events like the Commonwealth games.