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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder comprises of a number of different joints which all work together to connect the arm to the body. It is a very common area for pain and discomfort and in order to resolve the symptoms is important to obtain a correct diagnosis. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and has a very wide range of motion which can often lead the shoulder prone to overuse and trauma. Injury to the shoulder region can be described as either ‘traumatic’, for example a dislocation caused by a tackle or fall in rugby, or ‘insidious’, where there is no obvious trauma but a more gradual build up of symptoms.

Common shoulder conditions that we treat are ‘impingements’, tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, bursitis and instability. The physiotherapy management may incorporate soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, corrective taping, a tailored strengthening programme, acupuncture and postural correction.

If we feel that you would benefit from being referred onto a shoulder specialist we regularly work and refer on and can help advice you.

image of shoulder pain