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Low Back Pain

Nearly everyone will experience pain in the lower back at some point in their life. Sometimes this may just be a minor twinge that passes as quick as it comes, or it can amount to high levels of ongoing pain, severe loss of movement and disturbed sleep. Early Physiotherapy intervention is key to a quick recovery and can often help to prevent further episodes.

Pain will often feel deep within the lower back and buttock area, although sometimes the pain can travel down the leg(s). Pain in the leg(s) with associated pins and needles or numbness is traditionally known as ‘sciatica’.

Common low back complaints that we treat are facet dysfunction, disc herniation (slipped disc), piriformis syndrome and lumbar instability. The aims of Physiotherapy are to reduce the pain and regain full movement of the low back. Physiotherapy management may incorporate joint

image of low back painmobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue release, acupuncture and postural correction. Identifying potential causes, i.e. faulty postural habits or weak core muscles is also an important part of Physiotherapy. Once function is re-established a tailored strengthening programme will be designed aimed at preventing further problems in the future. These specific exercises look to strengthen the core muscles and utilise exercises from Pilates.

If we feel that you would benefit from being referred onto a spinal specialist we regularly work and refer on and can help advice you.