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Knee Pain

The knee is one of the largest and most complicated joints of the body. It is used for everything from standing up, sitting, to walking and running. It's a weight-bearing joint that straightens, bends, twists and rotates and takes a lot of impact.

All this motion increases your risk of acute or overuse knee injuries. Problems in the knee can be the result of a one off incident, for example a twisting injury whilst playing sport or be a gradual build up of pain during a specific activity such as running.

Injuries to the ligaments and cartilage of the knee are commonly associated with contact sports such as rugby and football. Overuse injuries of the knee occur in all ages and often involve irritation of structures at the front of the knee, for example the knee cap or tendon. Osteoarthritis (OA), a condition associated with cartilage loss within the knee joint, is more common in the older population.

Acute injuries require gradual rehabilitation back to full fitness, whilst overuse injuries will often need specific muscle imbalance and bio-mechanical issues addressed. Osteoarthritis can also be successfully managed with Physiotherapy treatments that include acupuncture and mobilisation techniques, as well as long term maintenance exercise programmes, weight control and occasionally the use of a walking stick, when appropriate.

If we feel that you would benefit from being referred onto a knee specialist we regularly work and refer on and can help advice you. If surgery is required then Physiotherapy is important to restore you to your full pre-injury function and beyond.

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