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Many of us experience the odd headache every now and again, it can be easy to view them as ‘normal’ or something you have to ‘live with’. However, headaches can be very debilitating and can have an impact on an individual’s quality of life.

Headaches that tend to respond more favourably to Physiotherapy management include ‘Tension headaches’ and ‘Cervicogenic headaches’.  These headaches are usually caused by a combination of tension in the neck muscles, poor postural habits and stiffness in the joints of the neck and upper back. Although they are not serious to your general health, these headaches can be a real distraction during the day and can affect your ability to concentrate and be productive.

Once the underlying cause of your headache has been established, the correct management can be provided to help you take steps to resolving the problem.  Treatments must be coupled with other advice to achieve full lasting symptomatic relief. This included postural and ergonomic advice, sleeping position advice.

image of headaches​Headaches can be very severe and if you have any of the following you should seek medical advice immediately:

  • Sudden onset of severe (worst headache of your life) headache
  • A new, unexplained headache in an older individual
  • Headache subsequent to trauma
  • Any associated fever
  • Any associated cognitive changes (confusion, drowsiness, personality changes)