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Hand & Wrist Injuries

The wrist and hand require a great degree of movement and control to provide the complex and fine movements we use on a day-to-day basis.  The wrist acts to allow positioning of the hand around a wide range of movements, this enables the fine motor control movements of the hand to be adapted to various tasks.

This adaptability is achieved with a combination of multiple small bones that make up the wrist and hand with the absence of bulky muscular support across the joints of the wrist and small muscles at the hand.

Reliance on stability at the wrist is placed on the ligaments and tendons that cross this area.  As a result the wrist is prone to overload from repetitive activities and more vulnerable to direct impact than other joints in the body with greater muscular support.

If we feel that you would benefit from being referred onto a wrist and hand specialist we regularly work and refer on and can help advice you.

image of hand and wrist injury assessment‚Äč