"Peak Performance Physio are the only physios I trust to get me back up and moving! Having been in two car accidents and tried numerous health care providers I know from experience that they are the only people to correctly identify my problems, fix them and give me the tools to get back to full health and mobility fast. 5 out of 5 stars from me!"

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What we treat


Physiotherapy is concerned with human movement and function. It is a non-invasive form of treatment that addresses problems in joints, discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that cause pain, stiffness and weakness.

Our approach relies on accurate assessment, skilled techniques and appropriate advice.

At Peak Performance Physiotherapy we are committed to providing best practice and offer up-to-date treatments, giving you the best possible care. We treat a wide range of conditions and treatment will vary from patient to patient depending on the presenting symptoms and pain levels.

Conditions commonly treated are:

  • back & neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • knee injury / pain
  • headaches
  • soft tissue injury
  • work related injury
  • sports injury
  • ligament & tendon problems


Our bodies are amazing machines. Like all machines they need a little TLC from time to time.

Massage has long been documented as having beneficial effects that efficiently encourages the healing of body, and mind and spirit!

Many people presume that sports massage is solely for sports people. However it is also very effective for those who don't play sports but perhaps work in an office, sit in the same position for long periods, or carrying out repetitive tasks.

image of massage‚ÄčSports massage provides a deep massage that effectively loosens tight muscles and refreshes aching limbs.

Your massage is all about you and what is right for you - so please don't ever feel like you have to put up with pressure that is too heavy, or too light!