"Peak Performance Physio are the only physios I trust to get me back up and moving! Having been in two car accidents and tried numerous health care providers I know from experience that they are the only people to correctly identify my problems, fix them and give me the tools to get back to full health and mobility fast. 5 out of 5 stars from me!"

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I struggled with recurring backache for many years. In the 12 months before I started physiotherapy I had had 3 of the most crippling episodes to date. When I first met Sarah in February 2012 I was in a significant amount of chronic pain, had very limited movement and had lost all confidence in ever getting better and in how strong my body could be. Back then, even the prospect of more than half an hour in the car filled me with fear.

Eight months on, I have awakened muscles I had not used for half my life, I feel strong enough to have taken up running again and I have just signed up for a 10k in February! Most of all, I have regained confidence in moving, the chronic pain has gone and my body's getting stronger by the week. And, on the wrong side of 40, I've even managed to get back into my size 8 clothes!

What a difference Sarah and her expertise have made to my life! It's been great fun, too. Thank you!

Laura Serratrice

My son, Gem, had a relatively serious back injury caused by growing and bowling too much. We found it hard to find a physio who actually knew what Gems problem involved. Steve Griffin was a breath of fresh air, because he identified the injury straight away and had the ability to recommend the correct exsercises that helped Gem fully recover within 4 months. He is now stronger than before and bowling pain free!!

I can’t speak highly enough of Steve, not only is his knowledge top rate but the ability to install confidence in a teenager who was pretty devastated at having to miss a cricket season is a rare gift. I have already recommended Steve to others with problems and would have no hesitation in doing so again in the future!!!

Charlie Crossley

Peak Performance Physio are the only physios I trust to get me back up and moving! Having been in two car accidents and tried numerous health care providers I know from experience that they are the only people to correctly identify my problems, fix them and give me the tools to get back to full health and mobility fast. 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Andrew Wallis

Following a motorbike accident I was lucky enough to be referred to Sarah Bryan at Peak Performance Physio. Sarah's proactive approach to my rehabilitation, married to her unswerving desire to get my body back to normal, had a huge impact in my recovery. Our sessions were focussed and I could feel improvements every time I walked out of her room.

Following the treatment my back is more than "fixed" and feels even better than it did, with more movement, than before the accident. I can
not recommend her highly enough.

Julian Pickles

Peak Performance Physio. simply the best in the Southwest. Steering me through work related injury to full recovery and treating sports related injuries accurately and quickly,helping me compete in the World Hockey Cup for England Masters.

Ali Price

“I happened across Peak Performance Physio as they were the closest physio to my home address when I searched. I had been initially diagnosed with Gilmore’s Groin by my GP. Steve investigated my abdominal stability and balance and set me some lower abdominal strengthening and stabilising exercises. I could feel the improvements within weeks to my strength and balance but unfortunately the pain post running continued. Due to this Steve referred me on to a Sports Medicine Consultant. After an ultrasound and an MRI I underwent specialist surgery in Leicester.

Steve’s experience with sporting injuries is obviously extensive. His physio was very beneficial but for me more importantly the onwards referral for further investigations was to absolutely the right consultant.

I have since made a full recovery and continue to protect my abdominal/groin area from further injury with Steve’s exercise regime.”

Rob Dickie

“Steve Griffin was the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club’s physio during the last 5 yeasrs of my playing career. A week before my last cup final at Lord’s I badly injured my lower spine. The injury was so severe that I immediately resigned myself to missing out on the biggest match of the season. But Steve was having none of it!

During the following week he managed and performed an intensnse course of treatment that was so successful, not only did I end up being fit enough to play, but I actually recovered enough to take part in our team’s important practice session the day before the match!

One of Steve’s greatest assets, in my opinion, is his ability to understand the psychological needs of his patients. A major factor in the rehabilitation process.”

Jack Russell MBE
Former Gloucestershire and England Wicketkeeper

My Son, James, is a keen medium pacebowler playing for school, club and district. Last year all the bowling seemed to start causing significant discomfort and irritation in his shoulder. It started to threaten his ability to keep bowling, and it was possible that he would need to stop. His district coach recommended Steve Griffin at Peak Performance Physio. We went there just as the season started last year, and James was thoroughly assessed. We were both impressed at Steve’s ability to pin point the problem and come up with exercises to help. James also left thinking sports physio looked like a good job for the future if he didn’t quite make professional cricket ! He stuck at the exercises with dedication and found things improved throughout what was a wet season! Starting again this year, some of the problems returned. I e mailed Steve, who promptly saw James again as a follow –up, and again helped him out with new exercises, and more importantly with great and encouraging advice. James has already had a great season in the first 6 games, and his bowling is better than ever, with minimal discomfort. So we are both very grateful to Steve. (James just needs to keep doing the exercises now!!)

Kat Nightingale

After years of inactivity, I recently set myself a challenge of cycling in the French Alps. Having passed the 40 mark and not ridden a bike for several years, there was a lot of work to do to get myself fit again. While training I contacted Peak Performance Physio when I developed problems with my knees. Sarah helped me by changing my training routine and providing therapy that quickly resolved the problem. Following this, I continued to work with Sarah for several months on developing my training and providing essential therapy (including acupuncture and sports massage). Sarah’s professionalism and enthusiasm was hugely appreciated and a great help in keeping my body going and ultimately achieving my goal. I will definitely be using Peak Performance Physio again when setting my next challenge.

Pete Whyard