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Peak Performance Physiotherapy relocate to BS7 Gym

Posted 13 May 2014
Written by Steve Griffin
image of peak physio clinic roomBS7 gym is pleased to announce that Peak Performance Physiotherapy will be moving into a new clinic room within BS7 gym, the refurbished facility opens on 28th April and is based upstairs. There is a separate reception area and fully equipped clinic room. Peak Performance will also have access to all the facilities of the gym which will allow for improved rehabilitation and a more seamless transition of patients back into full gym use.

Lead Physiotherapist Steve Griffin says “ We are very excited about this move, not only are we moving into an improved clinic facility that we believe will enhance our patients experience, but being based within the gym and having access to all its equipment will enable us to rehabilitate our patients further. “

“ ‚ÄčIn the future we will be looking at working with the gym to provide rehabilitation memberships for our patients –allowing them to return to full training in a structured and safe manor.”

Gary Cox, BS7 gym manager says “ We can’t wait to have the physio’s onsite. This will add another excellent service to those already available at the gym and provide greater capacity to assist members in every aspect of their training and rehabilitation. Our team of Personal trainers will be able to work alongside the physio’s and offer on-going support and direction during and after treatment by the physiotherapy team.”

If you are hampered by an injury and not getting full use of your gym membership then book yourself in for an expert diagnosis and treatment. For further information or to book an appointment please call the clinic on 0117 910 8041.


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