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Post Natal back pain

Posted 6 March 2014
Written by Sarah Bryan

image of post natal back painAfter the birth of a child there are many tasks and needs made on you as a Mum, feeding, lifting, carrying and trying to keep up with the children once they are mobile.  With many of us seemingly running around to complete the chores there needs to be a little time for you as well!

Pregnancy and labour are an amazing process but some would say this is only half the story!  The demands made on the pelvis, lower back and ribs are all needed to accommodate the baby but once they have ‘popped out’ these areas need to recover and re-activate post-delivery.  Up to 80% of us suffer from separation of the abdominals (diastasis recti) in pregnancy and this takes the strength and stability away from around the lower back when often we need it most.

This is why we are often referred mums between 3 months and a year after birth, just when you discover a window of opportunity to fit in some ‘you’ time and get back into exercise and the gym pain develops. This can be back pain or pelvis pain and can usually be settled quickly with a good physiotherapy assessment and some appropriate strengthening exercises. Pilates is also a great way of exercise to aid rediscovering your ‘core stability’.

This will allow you to get back to exercising, raising your energy levels, immunity levels and can help manage anxiety levels and depression, all of which will let you enjoy being a Mum to the full!

So if you are suffering with post natal back pain don’t assume it will ease, book yourself an appointment with me, Sarah, and I’ll have you back smiling and exercising in no time.

Our next blog will look at how Pilates can help you regain your back and pelvic stability.

Sarah Bryan
Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor (and fellow mum!)


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