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New Year New You! Is injury stopping you from achieving your health and fitness resolutions?

Posted 27 January 2014
Written by Steve Griffin

image of injury assessment
As we move into February many people will start to falter with their New Year’s fitness resolutions.  All those good intentions to get fitter, run 5k, even a marathon or just to use that gym membership that you have been paying for begin to fade. 
The stumbling block to achieving your fitness goals is not always a struggle with motivation; if you haven’t exercised to any intensity for some time then you will start to find that things hurt; you will get stiff in muscles you had forgotten existed and walking downstairs could become a mission.  These aches and pains can be exercise generated which I describe as good aches and they will settle within a couple of days.
However, if a joint swells up or you have acute pain then you may have a sports related injury.  If the injury has just happened put ice on it; we recommend placing an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel over the joint (a bag of frozen peas in a tea towel works well), leave it on the injury for 10-15 minutes.
Book yourself in with Peak Performance Physio and get your injury assessed correctly by one of our physiotherapists.  We can diagnose your problem and offer a range of physiotherapy treatments that will get you back running or into the gym again as quickly as possible; we will give advice as to how you can change your training to prevent injury in the future and enhance your performance. 
Don’t let injury be a blocker to continuing with your resolution and achieving your health and fitness goals.  Get in contact with us for a consultation. 


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