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Prevent Injury with a regular visit to your Physio

Posted 7 October 2013
Written by Steve Griffin

image of golf swingWorking within professional sport the role of the physiotherapist is as much one of enhancing performance as it is assessing, treating and preventing injuries. Often people look to alter their techniques (golf swing, bowling delivery or power in a kick). This is often an infuriating process and often you get worse before getting better. One of the reasons we do something in a certain way is due to that it suits the way our body moves, and not necessarily the most effective for the outcome.

So sometimes in order to effect a changing and enhance performance you might first need to look at whether your body is capable of doing it. Things that might stop you achieving the desired outcome could be that you’re not flexible enough to get into that position, or your joints are too stiff, or you don’t have the strength and control in the muscles to actually perform the movement in that way.

Having this assessed and a plan put in place to address these, which might include stretches, joint mobilisation, massage and a strengthening programme. If these are carried out alongside you technical work then you are more likely to succeed and progress you game.

Physio can help to improve your performance at whatever you do and not just when you are in pain!


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