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Back Pain or an Injury? Why not Invest in YOU!!

Posted 7 October 2013
Written by Steve Griffin

image of outdoor activity‚ÄčI often get frustrated that people in the westernised world don’t look after the most important machine, our bodies! We all seem prepared to spend money on the latest technologies and our cars, but less prepared to spend on our bodies. But are you able to maximise your function, enjoyment and fun if your body isn’t running effectively.

We all lead such busy lives, and ‘me’ time is often at a premium. If you are in mild back pain you are going to be able to carry on in work and life, but it’s likely to affect your golf swing. This will infuriate you and affect your performance, diminishing your enjoyment.

We service our cars and boilers, both for safety and performance, but few of us do our bodies. Instead we choose to soldier on, this can often result in being in pain for longer, and interrupting our leisure activities, be that a round of golf or stroll around ‘the downs’.

Getting pain and dysfunction assessed will allow you to return to full function sooner. Seeking treatment early usually means a much quicker recovery, and then maintaining function through regular activity will put you in the best place to remain injury free.

So investing in your body when it needs it will actually maximise your performance in work and life and also your enjoyment.


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